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Seat Advertising™ gives you the opportunity to place your brand in front of the audience for a variety of events.
  •  All Sporting Events
  •  Auto Racing
  •  Conventions
  •  Corporate Meetings
  •  Political Gatherings
  •  Concerts
  •  Theatres
  •  Religious Gatherings
  •  Lectures
  •  Special Events
stadium advertising promotions
Stadium Transformation and Huge Impact
Imagine you are a season ticket holder, and you walk into the stadium headed for your seat. As you move off the concourse and head down the aisle, you notice something different; the color of the seats were blue, but today they are all red with the Coca-Cola logo printed on each one. Seat Advertising™ literally transforms the look of a stadium with the colors of the sponsor on each promotional bag.

The impact of Seat Advertising™ is huge in that each promotional bag is the equivalent of a one square foot advertising space. A venue with 20,000 seats translates into a 20,000 square foot advertisement! Compare that to a 6 square foot bathroom advertisement or a 600 square foot in-stadium billboard.

Highest Recall
Before fans even enter the venue, they are inundated with billboards, banners, radio promotions, and people passing out promotional items. As fans enter the venue, they are bombarded with turnstiles advertising, more people passing out promotional items, more billboards, more banners, concourse posters, restroom posters, and scoreboard advertisements.

Where do people spend the majority of their time at an event? IN THEIR SEATS! Where is the most effective place to promote your product to people at an event? IN THEIR SEATS!

Seat Advertising™ is the most effective way for a sponsor to reach their target audience because the sponsor’s logo and promotional items are positioned directly in front of the audience for the duration of the event. In most cases, the audience will take the promotional bags and promotional materials home as a souvenir. This extends the reach and the duration of the promotion.

Multiple Sponsors, Multiple Promotions, Additional Revenue
Seat Advertising™ allows for many different sponsors to promote their brand during the same event. The outside of the promotional bag can be “purchased” by one title sponsor, or multiple sponsors. Promotional items from several different sponsors can be placed inside the promotional bag. With each sponsor, comes more revenue for the team, organizer, promoter, or venue.

Through PA announcements and video screen messages, the promotional materials can be activated during the event.

Support the Home Team or Event, and Get Television Exposure
As if there weren’t already enough benefits to Seat Advertising™, one aspect that will thrill the home team or the event organizer is the concept of placing a team message/logo or event logo on the back side of the promotional bag. As the fans enter the venue, the sponsor message, logo and colors can be seen throughout the venue. Through PA announcements, the audience is instructed to look at the back of the bag for a special message or logo. Depending on the nature of the event, the image on the backside of the promotional bag can be displayed during the event, or taken away and displayed in the home, office or car.

During sporting events or any televised event, the cameras will capture the corporate logo on the back side of the promotional bags while the fans are displaying “Go Team” towards the field or court.

Examples of placing a message on the back of the promotional bags include:

  • “Go Team”
  • “Class of 2009”
  • “Concert Logo”
  • “Corporate Meeting Logo”
  • “Political Campaign Banner”
  • “Special Event Logo”
  • “Religious Message”

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