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Seat Advertising™ gives you the opportunity to place your brand in front of the audience for a variety of events.
  •  All Sporting Events
  •  Auto Racing
  •  Conventions
  •  Corporate Meetings
  •  Political Gatherings
  •  Concerts
  •  Theatres
  •  Religious Gatherings
  •  Lectures
  •  Special Events
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 About Us

For more than 18 years, Kivett Productions has been creating unique sponsorship opportunities through our Stadium Card Stunt program. While we have perfected the art of the Stadium Card Stunt, we have also perfected the art of placing promotional plastic bags in stadiums and arenas, with cards and promotional items placed inside.

While we consider the ultimate promotion to be the combination of Seat Advertising™ and a Stadium Card Stunt, we can also create them separately.

Kivett Productions is a full-service production company specializing in high impact promotions for sporting events, special events, corporate events, television and film. We can make your next special event spectacular and memorable though our many unique offerings:

Please email us or call 407-342-0752 to learn more about this effective and affordable sponsorship opportunity.