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Seat Advertising™ gives you the opportunity to place your brand in front of the audience for a variety of events.
  •  All Sporting Events
  •  Auto Racing
  •  Conventions
  •  Corporate Meetings
  •  Political Gatherings
  •  Concerts
  •  Theatres
  •  Religious Gatherings
  •  Lectures
  •  Special Events
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 Fan Interaction
As if there weren’t already enough benefits to Seat Advertising™, one aspect that will thrill the home team or the event producer is the Fan Interaction opportunity.

On the back side of the promotional bags, we can place a team message, a team logo, an event logo, or anything that can be used to interact with the fans. As the fans enter the venue, the sponsor message, logo and colors can be seen throughout the venue on the front of the bags. Through PA announcements, the audience can be instructed to look at the back of the promotional bag to find the interactive message or design. Depending on the nature of the event, the image on the backside of the promotional bag can be displayed during the event, or taken away and displayed in the home, office or car.

During sporting events or any televised event, the cameras will capture the corporate logo on the back side of the promotional bags while the fans are displaying “Go Team” towards the field or court.

Examples of placing a message on the back of the promotional bags include:

  • “Go Team”
  • “Defense”
  • Team Colors for the Team Color cheer “Orange” “Blue”
  • “Class of 2009”
  • “Concert Logo or Poster”
  • “Corporate Meeting Logo”
  • “Political Campaign Banner”
  • “Special Event Logo”
  • “Religious Message”

Fan interaction is the big push right now for many sports leagues. Get your fans involved with Seat Advertising™.

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