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Seat Advertising™ gives you the opportunity to place your brand in front of the audience for a variety of events.
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 Seat Advertising

Seat Advertising™ by Kivett Productions provide sponsor with the most effective and affordable in-venue advertising and promotions program in the marketplace today. The visual impact is impressive and the brand recall is off the charts. Seat Advertising™ also creates a medium by which fans can support the home team or event by using the back side of the promotional bag as a sign.

At less than 30¢ a seat, Seat Advertising™ is, by far, the most affordable method of in-venue advertising. Compare this to the cost for program ads, courtside ads, in-venue billboards, concourse posters, and restroom advertising.

Seat Advertising™ offers sponsors the opportunity to place their brand in front of their target audience for the duration of an event. This is accomplished by attaching plastic promotional bags to every seat in the venue with the sponsor logo printed on the outside, and the sponsor’s promotional materials on the inside.

Seat Advertising™ is the most effective way to reach a sponsor’s target audience because the sponsor’s logo is positioned directly in front of the audience. While there are many opportunities for in-stadium advertising, Seat Advertising™ has the highest recall of all venue advertising because the audience spends more time in their seats than anywhere else in the venue. In most cases, the audience will take the promotional bags and promotional materials home as a souvenir. This extends the reach and the duration of the promotion.

The impact of Seat Advertising™ is huge in that each promotional bag is the equivalent of a one square foot advertising space. A venue with 60,000 seats translates into a 60,000 square foot advertisement! Compare that to a 6 square foot bathroom advertisement or a 4000 square foot in-stadium billboard.

Seat Advertising™ makes it easy for sponsors to measure the return on their investment. By placing a promotional code on the outside of the bag, or on the promotional materials inside the bag, the sponsor can easily determine the effectiveness of the promotion.

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